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Hiring professional painters to beautify your home should be seen as an investment. Similarly, an expertly painted office or workplace will add a touch of professionalism to any firm or business. Whatever your painting and decorating needs, if you’re in Redhill, then seek The Ultimate Touch for their painting prowess.

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Their experienced team will have your walls and ceilings beautifully covered either at home or at work. You can count on them to approach each project professionally, whether the task in hand is residential, commercial or industrial.

The Ultimate Touch’s founder, Sean Kiely established the company on the Mornington Peninsula 17 years ago. Calling on over 30 years of personal experience in Painting and Decorating some of which was gained painting sets for hit movies and shows, like ‘The Mummy’ and ‘Band of Brothers’.

Committed to providing first-rate painting services with client satisfaction always a top priority, Sean has built a team that mirrors his passion for client service and the delivery of projects to the highest standard.

Sean takes great pride in growing The Ultimate Touch into a company with a healthy client base who are always willing to give glowing testimonials about their services and workmanship. The recipe for his success is founded on preparation, materials and attention to detail.

To get the best finish you need to prepare the surface first. This is critical for any painting project. Removing old paint and wallpaper, repairing drywall and wood. Every surface must be carefully prepared before any paint or coating goes near it. This will ensure beautiful, longlasting results.

When that’s done materials need to be chosen carefully. After all, what’s suitable for one job won’t be suitable for another. Careful research and extensive experience goes into choosing exactly the right paint or coating.

Last but not least is detail. We’ve all heard the expression ‘The devil is in the detail’. Well that’s where The Ultimate Touch hangs out too. You couldn’t put a home or business in safer hands than theirs.


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