We carefully remove all flaking paint, dust, dirt and debris using a high pressure cleaner on the entire roof surface, then use a wire brush and sandpaper for finicky areas with heavy surface rust.  If there is any surface rust, we treat it with a special rust inhibitor that doesn’t need to be washed away. We then scan your entire roof looking for and replacing rusty or damaged screws.

Sealers aren’t necessary when you paint metal roofs – you only need them on tile roofs. Primers have a built-in anti-corrosive component, so they’ll look good for a very long time.  We then wait for the primer to dry, especially in humid weather, as it needs time to cure properly.

We then apply two top coats of Dulux Weathershield Roof & Trim Paint.  Dulux Roof & Trim is a 100% acrylic paint suitable for use on exterior roofs including galvanised iron, Colorbond®, ColorSteel® (NZ) and trims such as plastic spouting, timber fascias, masonry and structural metals. Dulux Roof & Trim is specially formulated to enable safe collection of drinking water and to match the semi gloss sheen level and colours of Colorbond®.


  • Water based
  • 100% acrylic paint
  • Factory packaged colours
  • Available in a range of popular Colorbond colours


  • 15 year guarantee*
  • UV Protection
  • Safe for the collection of drinking water^
  • High performance colour durability
  • Resists dirt and stains

Alternatively we can also give your roof a completely new lease of life using Dulux Acratex Roof Membrane. The new Dulux® AcraTex® Roof Membrane formulation offers better looking, longer lasting results. It creates a harder more durable surface for longer lasting gloss and reduced dirt retention whether on Concrete Tiles, Zincalume Roofing or Corrugated Iron.

Cool Roof with InfraCOOL® Technology

The built environment includes large areas of roof surface which can absorb the Sun’s radiation to act as solar radiators. It makes sense to design a barrier that combats the specific Heat Source, and that means reflecting the Sun’s rays before they’re absorbed as heat.

By reflecting more of the Sun’s radiation, Dulux Cool Roof™ with InfraCOOL® Technology can keep surfaces cooler to help reduce heat build up in roof spaces that can filter into living zones¹

¹The extent to which InfraCOOL® may translate to internal benefits in warm conditions will depend on variables such as colour choice, building design (including roof pitch, materials & window placement), insulation, ventilation, occupancy use, shading, location, climate and ratio of exposed roof area to floor area. Colour choice can still make a difference. Cool Roof White and Pastel shades are the coolest choice overall. Cool Roof Commercial